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The TG of Samuel Revamped Character List by YoshiMAN555 The TG of Samuel Revamped Character List by YoshiMAN555
I'm not working on it now. I'm still using the Manga creator. But this is just for future reference how they will look (or how they look at this moment until I get better at drawing). Some look way different then they do now... Well this is how they will be looking. And this is the scale actually. People's height... Samantha is shortest. That must be a big change. XD These are only students (or were students) by the way. Not people like Emily who will pop up.

(Left to right)
Marry: Cheerleader who lacks majorly in social skills. Is not stupid. Just lacks common sense. Can get a bit full of herself at points as well.

Amber: Friend of Cameron's and acquaintance of Samuel's. A cheerleader who is a more down to earth person. Knows of Samuel's gender indecent.

Ana: Also known as... A generic! In all honesty she will only appear in Revamped because I don't have that many materials to work with this one. Friend of Cameron's. Is a bit shy around people.

Robert: The other generic. A friend of Cameron's. Is a bit out there and random. Always trying to get the scoop behind everyone's love life. Other wise known as a comic relief character. :D

Cameron: Best friend of Samuel's. The two have been friends since elementary and he is very protective of him. Especially in his current gender bent state. First one to learn of this whole thing.

Samuel (Samantha): The main protaganist of the story. Get's his gender changed randomly at school. Trying her hardest to cover it up. Has a crush on Ashley.

Ashley: One of Samuel's best friends. Been friends since middle school. She is rather spontaneous and enjoys teasing others. Vice President of Juniors in the school.

Adam(anda): Student who's gender was bent a year ago. Has a very forceful mother who tries to make her act feminine. Is rather secluded.

Jakob: Samuel's acquaintance. Is a very unnoticed person who is very questioning of every thing. Best friends with Timothy.

Timothy: Charismatic student at the school. Tries to make friends with everyone. Has a large crush on Samantha.

Ron: Expelled bully of the school. Appears to be trying to make up for his bad actions but is still not trusted.
tiplstimebug Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
What if Adam(anda)'s Mom WAS a guy?
tiplstimebug Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
And is forceful because she/he had a horrible time as she/he TGed and wants Adam(anda) to enjoy it?
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